Mohamed Abusal

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The Magic Box


Addressed in the draft and my experience... Tools and scenes from the reputation beyond in these camps, especially in these harsh conditions... The area under siege, but the Court of... Freedom of movement here has become non-existent... If you travel like a needle penetrated the hole... The same way while back. 
To a conflict with ourselves and with our neighbors, the owners of the blue flag grow up and build up day after day... Arrested on the neck and Mona liberties... Not only to us, and even trees and stones and even our map draw every day again ... I used in this project some tools are used around me, which I live like my little sister’s doll and brother’s book and CD-ROM and a copy of my grandfather and let loose and Kofeiah and other tools necessary for building work .. I brought those elements to wires and strings of red and black... Each tool with others was developed inside a box composed of an iron bar from construction waste.