Animals Farm

February 21, 2013, 6:08 PM

Animal FarmAnimals remind me of a period of time when my mother inherited a red goat from my grandmother. This goat used to offer the life living needs that sustained decent living to the family. Animals have several roles in life through their relationship with humans. This relation is as old as the drawings discovered in the old caves and the stories of Kalila and Demna. We also can't forget the relationship between Gandhi and his goat, the Babylonian civilization statues in Iraq, the Chinese legends of imagination and horror, worshiping cows in India, the symbols of the Pharaohs in Egypt, the cartoons and the current cinema. All these represented animals as an expressive way to highlight the beliefs and the different circumstances of the human.

About my vision, I try to employ the previous representations of animals through my own visual experience as I see in animals many colorful aesthetics that can be able to provide joy and pleasure in the eye of the beholder through the variety of shapes and colors and the natural decoration animals portray. All that compelled to think of a new collection inspired from this natural texture that has strong ties with human ever since. Animals accompanied man throughout his life sharing the different circumstances of hard time and worked as a kind of transportation that sustained his survival and securing his safety. This kind of relation raised my imagination to build a structure crowded and connected as a piece of music made of colorful yarns smoldering within me.

Mohammed Al-Hawajri

2012 May